Thursday, March 13, 2008

Training log busted..............

I did not log my run online recently as I did not run much.....when I got into was having trouble logging in.....and I saw this link on the main page and I clicked on it HERE on What Happened and saw this message inside it:

As many of you have no doubt noticed, has been having technical difficulties over the past week. I hope that this message will be able to address many of the questions that have been sent my way.

For the past seven years, I've offered this site as a free service. It started as a project in college so that I could learn various technologies and evolved into something bigger than I had ever expected. Though I haven't been running as much recently, I was for a long time the site's biggest fan and user.

When I became aware of the service outage, I contacted my web hosting provider. After some troubleshooting, I was informed that the database containing everyone's logs had been corrupted and no backups were available to restore the data. I've tried to follow up to get more details but the company has stopped responding to my online support ticket and will not answer their support phone line.

What does this mean for you? Unfortunately, I don't have any good news. With a corrupted database and an unresponsive web host, there's nothing I can do to retrieve the data. All of our logs are gone.


DAMN!! Which means my 3 years worth of running data are gone!!! but luckily, I have been using Nike Running log as secondary log as well so not all are lost...but my data for older shoes used 3-4 years back are first pair of Asics Cumulus 6 which logged over 1000+km.....

Anyway, Time to restart my running again......old stuff must go before new one will come....those log data are just memories....they are just lessons learnt and mistakes made which I have already nothing to be sad

One big lesson learned for those who are discipline to log their runs and other exercise regime online, is to have 2 logs.....just in case one go busted, the other one still a bit of troublesome but is worth the effort when things like what happened to my first running log...

So I went around scouting for a replacement as my 2nd log, I happened to chanced upon this one at (trust me, I have registered a few and tried their functions)

Here is a SAMPLE you can try...logging a run is simple and quick and some of the features which I like and useful for me

1. intervals logging with option to sum up the data for runs and rests

2. can plot the different courses easily on google map (I find this easier and faster than mapmyrun)

3. can export to my computer and open with excel (very good for local backup also)

4. can put summary on my u can see it on the column on the right

5. The graphing function is very impressive

OK...if you are looking for an online running log...I will recommend this one...

Hope that with the new online running log, I can have more motivation to pick up my run again.........

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Jodan said...

T@z, I can understand your frustration.
I went thru the same thing myself when took over Cool Running and mess up the whole thing.

I am using RunningAhead and
Both applications are great!!!


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