Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am still a runner!!!

puma02 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Cannot believe that 6 weeks has past since my last run on 14 june........feeling much better after i found the right chinese cough syrup from watson that really helps my bronchitis a i decided to do a short run to see how my fitness and also to take the chance to try out my new water bottle belt which i got a few weeks i put on my puma and head out after change up After so many week of virus and bacteria back to ground zero...running does not feel smooth and took sometimes to warm up.....i filled my adidas bottle to full and the water bottle belt holds very well...amazing thing is i dun feel the weight at all unlike my last cheap water pouch..............................try to went slow and 2.8km is like 5km in teh past...i managed to finish the 5.8km in 34min...a good indication that....I am still a runner!!!


KickJazz said...

well done!
after such a long break u can still run v fast (by my standard!) :)
*clap clap*

t@z said... something wrong..not so fast one


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