Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Death Valley Badwater Ultramarathon 2007

2 weeks back, I posted about our very own badwater ultramarathon challengers: Teacher Yong Yuen Cheng and MediaCorp News Senior Producer Lim Ngee Huat. They have successfully completed the challenge just more than 50hrs....As they are not able to qualify to compete in the actual race, they did it a week before the actual race and run also to raise fund for the charity cause............... Now, for the actual race, very exciting year if you look at the statistics: The two year-old course record was smashed by the rookie runner Valmir Nunes, 43, who came back from third place to take a hard-earned race win after an eventful night out on the road. His finishing time of 22:51:29 was a long way inside the previous mark of 24:36:08, set by Scott Jurek in 2005. Second place Akos Konya was also able to beat the previous record with his 2nd place finish in 23:47:47......78 of 84 starters finished officially in under 60 hours, 65 of them received the coveted belt buckle for completing the course in under 48 hours. Robin Smit, 70, of Fresno, CA, completed the race in 55:52:24 and became the second ever 70 year old to finish the race. He broke the 70+ age group record of 57:52:12 set by Jack Denness in 2005..... Here is the video that covers the FLACO Mendoza from start to finish at this year's 135 mile race: full result HERE............ Here is the video on Scott Durek, the champion for last year and the previous record holder during last year race finish:

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