Monday, July 02, 2007

A BMW with a kancil engine

IPHONES CRAZE I am not a gadget guy...but i am in the electronics i am not a technology idiot either....looking at the specs of this new product in the markets...i cannot understand y pple are wiling to take a step backward in technology....... The japaneses and koreans are the first to laugh at this products....i really doubt if this will kick off there.....they are already using maybe a 3.5G network? and this iphone is running on 2.5G!!! and 2.5G has been in Singapore for at least >3-4 yrs....we are in a 3G technology and i dun see why apple cannot use 3G for iphone...... One of the more important improvement for mobile phones over recent years i the capapbility of its camera....2MP is a minimum in majority phone and 3MP is common in new phones...u can even find 5MP in Nokia and even LG..... yet iphone is running on a 2MP....and there are complaints abt its quality of the shot taken...... i would say this is a phone that packed a lot of features.....but the underlying engine is a step backward in what i quoted above....a BMW with all the auto and advanced functions that you can see...but the car is running on a kancil(i know this is a bit too exaggerating)..........or comparable to even a Windows Vista which run on a Pentium 3 machine!!! U may say Apple is creative in coming out with this product....but please....they are not even creative in coming out with the name....the name iphone is a trademark with CISCO and has been already in market for quite long before under CISCO....and apple got sued for it..READ on HERE

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