Thursday, April 18, 2013

Run in Hong Kong: Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon


Other than Shopping and Eating in Hong Kong, one popular event that runners like to do in hong Kong is the Annual Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon which is held on the 2nd Sunday after Lunar New Year.

Registration normally filled up within a day for full and half marathon so need to be very quick.

This year event attracted about 71000 registration and about 66000 runners started the race. The reason for such popularity is the good organization, challenging route, great atmosphere and cooling weather.

I only took part in the half marathon so that I have other half marathon of energy for the rest of the trip to shop and eat.

The race starts on Nathan Road (TST) near Hotel Mira and ends at Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island as shown below:

The Map for the start area:

The bag deposit trucks near the start line:

My assigned truck 11:

Plenty of Portable Toilets:

Walking towards the start line:

Great weather as shown on the board:

The big crowd just before the start. There are 2 waves for Half marathon and this is the 1st wave:

I did not take any photos along the way but after ending at the finishing line, the organization is great. They split up the 10km, half marathon and full marathon runners into their respective area to collect the bags.

At the finishing point collecting the goodies:

The Tram:

Truck 11 as assigned...lucky no queue..but the rest of the truck has very long queue:

The left is the isotonic drink given along the way and at the end point and the right is the drinking water. Both sponsored by watson....they tasted great and much better than what we have here but unfortunately, not available here in Singapore.

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