Friday, April 05, 2013

Do in Hong Kong: Lautau Part1 - Ngong Ping

First time visitor to Lantau island should visit the major attractions on the island:
1) Take the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car from Tung Chung
2) Visit the Ngong Ping Village
3) Climb up the Stairs to Tian Tan Buddha
4) Eat Vegeterian Meal at Po Lin Monastery
5) Visit the Tai O Fishing Village
6) Shop at Tung Chung CityGate Outlets

The best way to reach Tung Chung is to take the MTR from Central to Hong Kong Island. At Tung Chung, you will see CityGate Outlets Shopping mall. The best is to visit this after all the other attraction. Beside CityGate outlet is the main terminal to New Lantau Bus which serve the whole Lantau island and the Cable car station to Ngong Ping Village as seen in the first photo below.

Suggested Route:
Tung Chung - Cable Car - Ngong Ping Village - Tian Tan Big Buddha - Vegeterian meal at Po Lin Monastery -  take NLB bus 21 - Tai O - take NLB bus 11 - Tung Chung CityGate Outlets

If possible, avoid visit on weekend which can be very crowded and there are reviews saying they got to wait up to 2-3hrs to get up the cable car. In that case, take the bus 23 (see photo below) which is just beside the cable car station entrance to Ngong Ping and take the cable back from Ngong Ping to Tung Chung at the end of the tour. The Fare for NLB Bus is almost double on weekends compared to weekday.

I will let the photos below to tell the journey from Tung Chung to the foot of the Tian Tan Big Buddha:

Coming Next is the climbing of Big Buddha and Vegeterian meal at Po Lin Monastery.....

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