Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do in Hong Kong: Lautau Part3 - Tai O

Tai O is a small Fishing Village at the western part of Lantau Island. It is a great place to escape from the busy and crowded city. The village is surrounded by mountains and the sea and the air is fresh and life is slow and relaxing. Go during weekday and you will not find tourist crowding the small lanes in the Village.
You can take the boat ride to visit the silt houses and out to the open sea to see the dolphins (Not sure if sighting is 100%) or take a slow stroll into the village to see the life and sound.
Below leaving, buy some local dried products like scallops or fish maw.
Take NLB Bus 11 back to Tung Chung. The journey takes about 50min. The bus journey allow sights to other remote part of Lantau island like other small villages, reservoirs and the south western sea views.

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