Sunday, October 18, 2009

double whooper weekend: 2xMR + Salomon X-Trail 2009

Tough running week where it is the first time I am clocking 4 runs in 7 days.......2 short ones on tues and thurs...a long 2 laps MR and a 10km trail run in tampines


After last week shocking thunderstorm...the legs turned jelly for 30min after the run......legs felt good when we started this week 2 laps......we had 5 runners this week and the 3 ladies will only do 1 lap while TL and myself went for the second.

The first lap is easy lap with chatting for the whole route...we finished in 80min...5min slower than the last time we did 2 laps 2 weeks ago....

End of lap one.....later took 3 min break....both of us went on to the second.......TL cannot tahan my slow pace and went ahead after 2.5km marker in the trail.......I pushed on and managed to run thru the whole route except for the small hill and a short rest at the ranger station....did a negative split where the 2nd half is about 10min faster than the first (excluding the 3min water break after lap 1 and before start of lap 2)........good run and good company


From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures

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