Saturday, October 10, 2009

A bad but happening run

I was alone with mother nature as some have travelled to kota kinabalu for Borneo marathon......expecting less runners with waterpacks in the trail since TNF100 is just 2 weeks away...all should be tapering and the most is 1 loop round the trail plus rifle range road

I hit into the trail panting hard....missing one weekend of MR and lack of mileage is taking toll......Reached ranger station and found that I have ran fast than previous wonder so heavy on the legs..I walk up long slopes in order to conserve some energy for the long I was carrying heavier than before....2 more pieces of clothing

head off towards rifle range road and walk up 2 of the siong and long slopes......the sun came out strong and the heat is scary.....only saw cyclist along RR road which is expected.....reached the pipeline grass trail and venture into new terrain.....not eacxtly new...8 years before, I came towards rifle range road in the opposite direction dehydrated thanks to my teammate who mix the whole packet of pocari into the waterbag and we got no plain water.......

This path is simply slopes and on flats....goes up and down but the surrounding is refreshing.....wide green grass...the mountain bike trail went by the side and cut across the path at a few locations.....but as you can still hear the heavy traffic noise from the BKE at the side....

Reached the BKE into dairy farm road and decided to went ahead.....just as I proceed, thunders roar on the left side....but is a contrast on the right...where the sun shone from the cloudless sky and the left are dark heavy clouds with thunders and lightning........i continue until chestnut ave...and decided to head back before the rain arrive

There are walkers, hikers and saw only a pair of runners out here....and a lady walking her dog...ulu place but beautiful and still can see people..

I pick up my pace as the rain clouds approaching.....but the legs got heavy and walking up slopes became tougher.....reached back to rifle range road and the drizzle I crossed BKE seems to stop there at bukit timah side....I was walking up the slope when a pair of TNF 100 solo runner went past me and exchanged greetings

Reached back the trail back to ranger station and started to see a lot of runners and hikers.....look like they started late as they will be covering less today

Reached ranger station tired and leg heavy...i decided to walk a bit before I started to run....I stopped at the boardwalk and started to felt pain on my right side....kena i started walking...and decided to walk the last 4km.....

just before reached the fitness station....the lightning risk alarm went off at the golf course....thunders came roaring closer and closer......i tried to run but my stitch stopped me from doing i walked faster.....until just about 500m after the fitness station.....the rain came pouring....i dash forward and finally saw a shelter to take cover.....a lady went dashing beside me and came in as well.....adn we started to grumble about the rain and strong wind came....the lady's 4 other running mates came in as well and the rain got heavier and heavier until we cannot see the other shore of the reservoir....the wind got stronger as well but it was blowing behind us where the vegetation has helped to block it for us..

Just we were waiting....suddenly, the wind changed to the opposite direction and this time, went straight at us from the reservoir side....nothing to hide and we were all hit badly by the strong wind and suddenly calmed downa bit and the group decided to went ahead.....thinking that no point staying since I was already wet, I went ahead with them......wewent at a fast pace for 1.5km in the wet flooded vision are blur due to the rain pouring down....but we were chatting as ran....suddenly, I started to realised I was running with no pain and with renewed energy....i ran thru all the slopes which I usually walked and still chatting away.......we finially reached the trail end and they stopped there while I went on to finish at the carpark........totally drenched and shagged!!!

My legs are still "running" although I already started to walk......only covered around 21km today and it was like a full 30km......My legs are jelly and tired but i have to continue to walk around for 30min as I now if I stopped or sit, they will cramped up immediately.../p>

A bad run consider I too a ot of walks....I think more than 30-40% are walking.....but the terrain of the pipeline trail is not for the normal heart to take.........hopely, next week long run will be better

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