Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free Flow of food...............

Because of some very good performance by the division, the division head decided to treat us to a good division lunch to celebrate the efforts......OK...I just joined not I enjoying other fruits planted by other old birds....

So we got a private room which holds 9 big tables at Pariss International Buffet, Marina Square...cannot take the food counter only took some of the food I got and this is obviously not all I eaten


--> Oyster, clams and salmon sashimi....


--> custard bun, tempura prawn, sweet steam prawns, japanese half boiled egg spa, spring roll, fried wanton and shrimp wrap and salmon sashimi again


--> tako sashimi in wasabi, black pepper crab, mushroom salad, cockle


--> This is probably the best of all.....Grilled Salmon dun get to eat salmon head everywhere

...and other exotic stuff like crocodile bak ku teh, Alaska crab ad Shark Fin Soup, herbal ginseng black chicken soup, all other sorts of sashimi, fruits, desserts, DIY ice Kacang, BBQ and grilled meat.........

OK......but I still like the Salmon HEAD...

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