Saturday, January 20, 2007

Virgin needles poke!

Seems like my nose and throat gave way again....might be the weather which changes so rapidly....felt damn terrible this morning....i decided to visit my TCM sinseh She said can use needle to poke for temporary relieve to my nose block...but to solve the root cause of my nose, operation is definitely needed and she had patient who has successfully cleared of sinus for years.... i decided to give it a try and also curious to see how it feels to being poked by the tiny needles...... i was poked by 7 needles....2 on each legs.....hands on my tummy, one go to each goes on each side of my nose and last one between my eyes..... dunnoe for what reason....the one that goes on my left legs gave a very bad feeling...she came by to give some pressure after every 5min....she said few pple willing to try the manual method for the first time(there is another methd by using electric current)...hey! she din tell me there is another method!!! anyway, after about 30min, my arms are totally numb and no feeling and no blood nose was numb (it supposed to be) and my nose is cleared..... she said...maybe is my arm position blocking the blood flow...sometimes also because a person is weak....i assumed should be unfit since i was down for >7 weeks and counting...... another round of medicine...hopefully this time i will clear without relapses again wasted one more day doing nothing.......

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