Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year! A new Run!

Happy New year to All!! Went to ultramarathon yesterday and discovered this potential ultra dog!!! Ultramarathon dog Anyway, first thing i woke up this morning....i decided to hook up my running gear and kick off the year with a run.....still suffering from cough and phelgm, i did a slow 2km round buangkok mrt loop...after which i head to the fitness station to do some arm exercise before charging up 15 storeys of stairs home bk2kmloop Aplogise for not being updating my blog as I was really too busy with my work recently


Renohtaram said...

happy new year to you, t@z :)

KickJazz said...

Take it easy and may you get well soon!
Hope to join u soon for a short 2km run ! hehe :D

t@z said...

happy new yr to everyone


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