Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First CBD run of the year

I was on leave the day after flying back home..... After spending the whole day cleaning up my house and nuaing.....i decided to head down to tanjong pagar for CBD run. I reached early and saw bala playing with his handheld game. He brought me to this nearby toilet to change as the one in the MRT was under renovation. So i keep on stretching until every came and we started the run at about 7pm. Someone finally came with a car and we threw our barang barang into the booth Not very big crowd like in the past...i can only follow the back and do the 6km route....with SV and meteor with 2 other newcomers.....we are going at comfortable pace....but still a torture for me after been layoff and sick for 2 legs are feeling weak and breathing is hard once i reached the U-turn at the jetty i struggled to push on and just follow the 3 gals in front...not able to speak a single word..... as we hit the upslope going under ECP exiting marina south, i started to walked up with one of the new comer...... the rest has disappeared in front......the 2nd slope along ECP was also a walk before jogging slowing to reach the end point....completing 6km in legs are aching as i stretch and cool down afrer the run.....while waiting for the rest to return.... we had dinner at maxwell market before we head home separately finally a good start.....and a difficult one


KickJazz said...

Well done on the run! :) Take it easy and u will be back in top form in no time! *thumbs up*

t@z said...

thx...great to hear that u r back too


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