Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 --> 2007

I know this is late....very late...everyone has pen their past and the future I am not someone so organised....i am messy and lost in this world But all I can said in 2006: 1. did not meet my objective of keeping my health well for the rest of the year --> screwed up very last month 2. did not complete my 8th round of MR on new yr fact...did not complete even one round 3. GREATEST regret is not running ultraMarathon on new year eve 4. GREATEST achievement is to run my marathon this year slower than others..... "It is tough to run faster than your ability PHYSICALLY but It is tough to run slower than your ability MENTALLY" 5. Got 4 new running shoes in this year which only 2 are usable 6. Got quite a number of socks this year which none has achieved what i want yet 7. Got to know more makan, blogging and running friends 8. shifted to the N-E from the beautiful Reservoir 9. achieved 10 months of illness free 10. ran marathon for charity NOW for 2007: 1. get well soon and dun get sick for rest of the year 2. do my 8th round at MR on the last sunday of the year 3. get an injinji socks 4. get a new trail shoes 5. buy only one more pair of new running shoes 6. run more at MR ......................................

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KickJazz said...

hey there is nothing to regret about not running the ultramarathon in 2006! Look fwd to the one in 2007 and we will be there to support u !:)

In fact, I admire your listening to your body and NOT running through your illness. That's what I call wisdom! Well done! *2 thumbs up*


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