Thursday, November 19, 2009

16 more sunset to D-Day

16 more sunset and is the time of the year where runners will gather to run the annual marathon in the city...After doing 2 marathons in 2005 and 2006 and missed 2007 and 2008, I should be back at the start line for my 3rd...

This year is a very good year for my running...the very first is to control my health and injuries...past 2 years of bronchitis has taken a lot of my running away....on top of that, I am constantly hit by injuries on my right legs....ITB, Knee pain, hip pain.......and this year...I kept my bronchitis away...hopefully for good...and found the solution for my weak right legs

Running this year started out in last Feb after my Europe trip...It was in mid-April that I started my regular swimming least once a week to later most of the time twice a week.....from 10 laps to 20 laps and recently 50 laps...August to OCt, I also paid myself into the company building Gym to do stationary bike to strength my Quads...with cycling and swimming in place, I actually cut down my running to twice a week for most of the time

Graph below shows per run distances and we can see the progress to 3 long runs at about 30 for past 3 weekend

My graph

Graph below shows weekly mileage...only 2 weeks hit past 50km....

My graph

Compared to the mileage in 2005, this year mileage is very very low:

There will be people asking if this is sufficient for a full marathon...the anwser is yes for a finish comfortably without aiming for time....

Hope my shoes can last the distance before tearing up........

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