Thursday, December 01, 2005

2Days 7hrs to marathon

it is now 2Days and 7 hrs more to marathon when i typing this entry........... The day has come...the key to the journey....the collection of the race pack.... This year race expo was held in conjunction with Sports & Fitness Expo at Suntec convention centre. I reach at about 6.30pm and the queue was cleared.....only took less than 3 min to get my stuff....this year race pack comes with a shoe bag (not again) which is smaller size than last year...A very very nice and comfy climacool event singlet from adidas with StandChart company colours.....very nice piece of event tee which is the best looking and best material so far.....On top of that, 4 Vitmin pills from Berroca, a free packet of pasta from flitz, a one for one swimming pool entry voucher and race information booklet...And last but not least, my championship chip and number tag with a 4D of 4283.....basically as shown in the photo below After collecting my race pack, I met up with the usual gang: dasher, astrogirl, astrogirl's sister, and x20a.freedom...I also linked up with 136f????(sorry fren, dunnoe how to spell) from sgrunners....we had a small walked around the expo...interestingly, found the dive shop which i took my OWD was in charge of the diving booth....said hi to the gang there and just beside it, Adrian Mok is conducting his marathon talk....we "sneak" in to listen to some tips before we carry on....found the chiropratic booth havinf free sphine check and my result is below on the left 2 diagrams: I was basically having muscle stress on the left at the neck area and my right side at my lower back....not too bad....but maybe if i got $$$, I might use the $80 voucher given for a thorough test and treatment... across the booth, found L2S foot sports injuries specialist Dr Leong's booth having free foot analysis...i have never done one before so I had a try at it.....result was interesting: I have medium arch on my left and high arch on my right..which is exactly the same feel when i run which my left is neutral and my right supinates I am bowed legged which might be the result for the irregularities when checking my achilies tendon from the back when i bended my knees, it actually bends outwards which is the indication of pronation..hmm..might try stability shoe next time.... but so far I hvae no feet or knee injuries or Dr Leong said, my posture is actually balanced..the irregularities are ok for me.....heng heng man.....hahaaa we ended our walk and went for dinner together at suntec food court....decided where to meet this sunday and went home for a good rest...... Hope everything goes smoothly this sunday...... cheers.................

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