Sunday, June 28, 2009

Discover Better Running Form with Newton Running????

The video looks convincing but here is a big question on this video:

The gentleman keep emphasizing on forefoot/midfoot running but are forefoot and midfoot running the same? NO!!! there is no midfoot strike until Chi Running came along....midfoot running lands the foot with the forefoot and heels landing at the same time on the ground where as forefoot running is to land on the Ball of the is a good explanation by ChiRunning founder Danny....obviously, the gentleman in the video cannot differentiate what is fore and what is this newton is for fore or for mid? New Balance has a series for MidFootStrike...looking at the video....they are only landing on forefoot and not midfoot


Tekko said...

Now u got me all confused. So which is better? mid foot or fore foot?

insanetaz said... long as it suits....anything is good

teelee said...

Can don't so cheem or not.

Blur already


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