Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Loitering Around.......

I got no program for the whole day.....After nuaing at home and finish doing laundry, I decided to head out to the west...Queensway Shopping Centre to loiter

My Plan is actually to find out the price of Brooks Axiom 2 there..True enough, it was much cheaper than Hougang Sportslink...listed $139 and after 30% off, I can get it at $97...a good deal for such shoes consider all the other brands are raising their prices sky high...wanted to try other shoes but dun have my size....so i tried axiom 2 again just for fun walking ard the shop with it again

I went down to peninsula shopping centre after someone brought his SKINS compression garment there....and found this shop called Athletes Domain on level 2..look like a new shop and found a small range of skins products on one of the wall inside.....a short tights similar to my CW-X is retailed at $109 there and there is a 15% discount for it....hmmmm....

A good relax and aimless outing there found 2 good discoveries

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