Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sun shines after Rain

sunisout The sun is finally out since this morning. It has been raining for >36 hours non-stop. Intensity changes very fast and at some time, it was so damn heavy.....during high tide, several places were flooded, landslides, old shophouses collapsed and tree fell....
I wonder what happen to MR? How many trees has fall and block the trail? any landslide again? it will be interesting to run ultraM if it rain for the whole day.......unfortunately, i should not get the chance to do it this time 8_(


GR said...

whoa..u manage to witness all these incidents or from news 1? Anyway, hope u have recovered before xmas ya! Take Care~!!! Guess your long run and work had caused ur health to deteriote, pls b4 run!! Dun be too stubborn!!

t@z said...

Hi GR,

thanks for dropping by....i have not been running ever since SCM when i got sick.....i guess no running making things worst!! hahaaa

will pop more vits after recover

kops21 aka tigger said...

as of saturday(23 Dec)there are 3 fallen tress and 1 landslide at MR.

Run with care. Why? We are runners too.....:)

angelica said...

wah seh... the tree looks quite scary... hope no one is hurt!


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