Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My inspiration Man

Dean Karnazes: The Ultramarathon man has always been the one i really admired in the running world. He has completed Endurance 50, running 50 marathons in states in 50 days. He blogged after every marathon . From his blog, you can see his enthusiam about running and to share his experiences. Ended in New York Marathon, He finished at 3hrs flat, 1 minute after Lance Armstrong's virgin marathon. After a few days rest, he went on and is on his way home to San Francisco and his progress can be track HERE. I always enjoy his interviews especially The following by cbs 60 minute programme. The interesting thing about this interview is that another great female ultramarathon, Pam Reed was in too, this interview is actually about Dean and Pam's race in The badwater ultramarathon: The Toughest Race Another interview is done with The Gregory Mantell Show: Another interview done after he attempted a non-stop 300 miles run He was also interviewed by another trail ultramarathoner, Scott Dunlap. The interview content can be found HERE He has also written a book called Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner He has ever said "There is a limit to human physical body, but it is the human spirit that carries you to run longer beyond that."

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