Wednesday, December 20, 2006

3rd year of Running Recap!

I did a summary of the whole year running experience last year....i decided to do a brief one again this year.....This year is my 3rd year of “serious” long distance running...imy goal for this year is actually to keep myself bronchitis free....unfortunately, due to several unforesee events happened together or one after another during the last crucial 1.5mths before marathon, my fitness was affected and my health deteriorate...resulting in my bronchitis to relapsed during marathon has not improved after that...due to some bad planning by the superior, everyone was clearing leaves and left me taking all the burdens and loads...i have worked more than 12hrs for almost 3 weeks straight...resting only on sunday.....until the time i was writing this...i was having spitting headache.... runlog06 Not going to write in details like last year...just some highlights....after recoverd from my ITB and bronchitis at the start of the year....i was able to enjoyed 10 mths running with no injury and illness This year was planned to be long run year....originally plan is to built up endurance base before going into more speed next yr....sad to sad....everything will go down the drain during this month of illness But throughout the year...i have enjoyed more during my runs, mainly because after shifting to my new place in SK, i have met more frens especially those staying near my area...i have explored more new running routes....ventured further and further....and maybe ONE DAY i will run to NTU from the east... results for NB Real Run, Mizuno Wave run and SBR and army half marathon were also very good and satisfying I have also contributed to the fund raising project organised by lokun, KJ, char lotti and JT with good support from sgrunners...... after my UltraM, i promised myself i should not spend too much on running gears but unfortunately, i was happily spending much more than last yr....brought 3 pairs of shoes and exchanged my useless NIKE free for a new NIKE pegasus 2005, although too small for running long was a good pair of gai gai shoes..... running will stop and have stopped since after marathon......till next year then

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