Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Running Life 2005

Decided to do a summary of my running life for this year as Standard Chartered Marathon is supposed to be the finale of my Run life this year. Life after the Marathon will be recovery and also a final long run at MR25’s 12hrs MacRitchie ultramarathon. This run will be the final celebration run for the year before we start a brand new running year. This year is my second year of “serious” long distance running and the goal/objective is to complete my first marathon. A year full of ups and downs, of the 5 races completed, Only my first MILK run and final marathon are done to my ability. The rest of the 3 are not completed properly due to my bronchitis relapses. However, this is considered a very fruitful year as the main goal/objective to complete a marathon was met!!! Here the summary of highlights by month: Jan: My bronchitis relapsed 1 week before SCM 2004 and lasted until this mid-month. Started to do light running round bedok reservoir to get my engine going. Feb: Consistent running has boosted my fitness to recover this month. Started to go macritchie reservoir run during my last weekend. Mar: Increased regular run at bedok reservoir to 2 rounds of 8.6km. Did legs and paddles with WS and finished my 5km run for 25min 25sec after kayaking. Apr: Went to ECP for my first long run. Did 11km for 1hr 8min on the first weekend. Continued to go macritchie run. Final weekend did a longest run of 18km, finishing in 1hr 52min. One of the longest mileage for the month in the early months. May: Macritchie Run became more regular. If I not wrong, this is the first time I met runX3 during a macritchie trek. 2 weeks before her KK trek with astrogal. I did one run trek with my runX3 and frens after I completed running one round earlier in the morning. June: Regular macritchie run during weekends and ECP long run for the last weekend. Preparing for MILK Run in early July. started jioing more and more frens to join in my regular sat macritchie run. July: Finished MILK 10km in my PB of 48min 39sec. Met Sgrunners for the first time during NB REAL Run trial run at sentosa. Completed 10km for the first time in exactly 1hr. Regular runs increased to 10.3km. Did my first half marathon run at ECP with Sgrunners in a time of 2hrs 12min. Aug: Down with Bronchitis again. Not much running for the whole month. Got better towards the end of the month when I did New Balance Real Run 10km in a time of 1hr 6min. Sept: A busy month but my bronchitis still hanging and my health is not 100%. Die Die got to do IPPT and finished my 2.4km in 11min 07sec and still managed to get $200 outof it. Did Mizuno Wave Run 10km in a time of 59min 7sec. One week later, did Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon in 2hrs 29min 17 sec. My health started to recover during the mid-month. Oct: Pickup my fitness quite fast and tried a 21km for 2hrs 11min in the early month. Increased my mileage quite fast and completed 25km in mid-month for 2hrs 51min. Nov: Panic button pressed. One month to Marathon and mileage still not enough. Tried Galloway’s run/walk strategy on my 24.3km run and did well in 2hrs 31min. using run/walk, managed a comfortable 30km in 3hrs 15min. Confidence rose. Tapering starts as we did a half marathon run/walk in 2hrs 10min. Dec: Completed my virgin marathon in 4hrs 45min57sec!!! Life still goes on and on ...............

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