Friday, April 01, 2016

How to change the basket for Black Diamond Trekking Poles

For those using the Black Diaond Hiking Pole. Have you wonder how to change the basket if it is spoilt? There is no catch of screw and it seems to be just a slot through the basket. After pounding for months and years and hundred and thousands of KMs. The basket will be very tightly "fused" to the pole.
Here is the solution:

Boiled a big bowl of water until it boils. Dip the basket into the boiling water for 2min and use a cloth to give the basket a slight twist and it will pop out "like magic"

I got to pop this out because the basket tip is beyond useable:

I boiled another spoilt pole which has a good basket tip:

Both basket are out:

So a bad basket:

Changed to a good one!

Here is the Youtube video that demonstrate the actual procedure

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