Monday, March 14, 2016

Translantau 100 2016

This is the 3rd time joining this event. My previous 2 years are recorded in

This year was more prepared after experienced from last year 100km but this year route has changed for  more than 50%. The first 25% and last 25% is either reversed from previous route or changed to new one. especially the last 5-6km was a total shocked to everyone. completely new route and tough going. The removal of both horizontal and vertical bush whacking and the 800m elevation climb in 8km switched to down running does make the route much faster than last year.

Last year I carried 6kg of load. This year I just going to carry 3kg after I knew most of the stuff I carried were useless.

I was not in good condition going to the start. Down for 10 days before the race with 7 days struggling with chronic throat infection and 5 days of heavy antibiotics does take a toll on the body.

Stayed at Seaview Holiday Resort which is a small cosy accommodation that is nearer to startpoint than silvermine. 

The temperature for this year was cold. Very cold for Hong Kong standard although not as bad as January Hong Kong 100 cold spell. The cold does helps to numb my senses and make my progress possible even though I have to slow down a lot to clear my throat.

I started out conservative as you can see in the progress rank I caught up more than 200++ runners fro start to finish.  Started conservative gave me plenty of energy left towards the climbs and run on the 2nd half of the run.

Food is one big issue that I have to mitigate. I can only down instant cup noodles and porridge and lucky tailwinds works very well in comforting y throat compared to my electrolyte powder. S

The first night was cold going up Lantau Peak and temperature closed to 4 degree but the sky and air was clear and beautiful. Second Day afternoon started to see fog and the fog got heavier and heavier. The wind up Sunset Peak was very strong ad the heavy fog made the condition challenging to proceed. I was fast enough to clear sunset i the day but the night climb up Lou Fu Tau was tough going because of the low visibility due to the fog and the strong wind pushing continuously.

The race got to call off at 9pm for those who reach CP8 and CP9 was stopped because of heavy fog and strong wind.

And I was lucky to survive...lucky to complete...90min faster than last year.

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