Saturday, June 01, 2013

Retiring my first Vibram FiveFingers Classic (walnut/brown)

After 3 years of running, covered 1391km of running, including 100km in the last Twilight Ultra Challenge. got no choice but to retired this as the glue can no longer hold the fabric upper and the rubber Vibram sole together. I failed to keep this running until my target of 1500km. But this is already long enough compared to "normal" running shoes.
I got this at about SGD$90 from My friend at that time was based in US and got this back for me when he is back for his vacation.
So retired one, got to get one new pair out of the box to replace this.

The glue failed.....

And there is still no holes on the soles and the NIKEs are still intact

Got this new pair of orange grey as the replacement

At the back is the elastic band which is adjustable

Got to cut this useless thing away

This is better

Got to cut a groove on the heel rubber

A groove like this is nice

This is to enable it to bend back easily

The original is too hard to bend back, this will add pressure to the achilles tendon during long run

So this is ready for its virgin run

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