Sunday, July 08, 2012

Vibram FiveFingers Repair using Shoe Goo

I got my first pair of Vibram Fivefingers Classic 2 years ago (blog post here). The milage for this pair has crossed 1000km and I stopped using them because of the hole on both side of my pinky toes:

The hole first appeared on my right pinky toes at about 400+km and it got bigger until I have to cut the outsole rubber of my old nike pegasus and use super glue to cover it. But it did not last...every piece of rubber dropped out after every run. I gave up and plastered my pinky toes for every run with it so that I will not get abrasion or blister from it. But soon after 600+km, the left pinky toes started to get holed also.....I got my 2nd pairs of black VFF classic after I ran this 1st pair at about 700+km and I try alternative between 2 pairs until this pair hit out crossing 1000km and holes got too large. Interestingly, there is still no hole on my 2nd black VFF Classic after 800+km

Just before I got my 2nd pair of black VFF classic, posted an article on repairing holes on VFF using SHOE GOO. I went all over Singapore and searched HOME-FIX, SELF-FIX and whatever DIY "FIX" shops and even when I overseas, I will go to DIY repair shoes to find this but I only found "OUT OF STOCKS" tags for shops that sell it.

After 1.5years of searching, I finally found it at Century Square SELFFIX DIY shop and grab a tube immediately.

So I dashed home and to give it a try:

Not a very pretty piece of patch work after 1st layer. I will try to apply 2-3 layers and try it on my next run.

There is a recent blog showing how Shoe Goo has fixed a badly torned VFF for KiteBoarding.

Finally, there is hope of second life on my old stinky VFF........8-P

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Anonymous said...

I am in the same state and to make things worse, the Classics are discontinued! :( Will check out century square and hope for the best. Apparently skateboard shops sell it here in SG, now if only that forum post mentioned which specifically.


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