Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 Shooting Mode: Panorama and Action Shot

I believe these 2 shooting mode also exist in Other Samsung Phones with cameras and possibility Samsung Cameras. But these are 2 shooting mode that many users does not know its existence. Of all shooting modes, these are the 2 most interesting and here I going to show you the results of these 2 Shooting mode below (click on them to zoom in).

Panorama - Exist in most if not all cameras nowadays. I got this mode in both my ICS Phone and tablet but the way to use it is different. Not sure if this is manufacturer feature or android stock feature.

Action Shot - First time I saw this and in my Samsung Galaxy S2. The description says to shoot sports panorama so I give it a try since I looking for a mode to shoot people running. The downside is the photo turned out to be of lower resolution. Just need to point at the moving object(runner) and follow it/he/her and the camera will snap itself.

Need to try a few time to get it better and this is the best of many times I tried:

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