Thursday, January 13, 2011

Merrell Trail Glove Review By Barefoot Running University

Barefoot Running University runs good reviews on minimalist shoes...It has very positive opinion on the upcoming Merrell Trail Glove ...but will it available here in Singapore?


Tekko said...

Hopefully RSH will bring it in since they are the distributer for Merrell shoes. Even if they do, I dread to think the premium type of price they will impose on it

insanet@z said...

RSH normally bring in casual shoes and heavy hiking shoes....they dun seems to bring in merrell running shoes...lets hope they did know the minimalist shoes market is growing here

RSH Marketing said...

Hi Tekko and insanet@z,

Good news for you! :) RSH will be bringing in Barefoot and it will be available at RSH selected stores sometime in end April.

The price ranges from $139 - $159 and the selected stores include Stadium at Takashimaya S.C., RSH at Suntec City, and VivoCity.

Do lookout for it!


Insanet@z said...

Thanks..will watch out for least the price is more reasonable than off

Anonymous said...

The ladies model is in at RSH Vivo. Men's available end April.

insanetaz said...

Both mens and womens version are already available in RSH and Stadium...I just tried it yesterday at RSH Vivo


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