Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2XU Compression Run 12km@Sentosa....crossing the 300km

The first "proper" running event of this year for me and also the first event that I run with my Vibram FiveFingers. After this run, my mileage with VFF Sprint has crossed another milestone of 300km.
Satisfied with the result for this run as my timing for thsi 12km is the same as my 10km timing 2 years ago for Nike Human Race.

I kept my first 3.5km of the route conservative because it is totally flat..I started at the front end of the crowd and was overtook by at least 25% of the runners and pushed to the mid-pack.....I only pick up when I hit the first slope and start overtaking runners who have difficulty runing the upslopes. It was the same with the rest of the 4-5 upslopes and when I reached back to the flat beach side, I was already at the front quarter of the crowds.....able to sprint strongly for the last 400m and the result shows that I was came in 200th out of 1020.

This event however the management for this rest is a bit below par consider the organisers are not first timer:
1) Delayed start, the race is supposed to start at 7.45am but the MC delayed until 8am because a big stream of runners just arrived at the race site at 7.40am. Apparently, the shuttle bus cannot cope with the crowd and caused delay in transportation. Next time put 8.30am lah....No need to go toilet wait until want to go toilet

2) The race route was changed at the last minute. If you look at the map above, The yellow solid lined route is the original route posted on the website with the runners running clockwise. However, the arrows are added at the last minute causing confusion to the runners. As a result of this change, there are points of crossing over the other runners' path at junction at the beach. There was a small confusion afetr the first U-turn at the beach as well

3) No plain water at the end point. Only 100plus and concentrated 100plus that can cause diabetes

4) Stage at the hot beach. Most people kept themselves away from the unsheltered beach after running the hot sun for an hour....it was real hot after 11am whent he lucky draw starts....I din stay

........one more thing, D-tag on ankle straps works!!

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