Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good Friday Torture...Bukit Timah nature reserve adventure

Just as Tekko mentioned
While saintly people go to church and the more saner people slept in on a nice public holiday, 6 of us slightly cuckooed people decided to brave the rain and made our way to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for our virgin run there. Fortunately, the rain did not came and so begin the longest ever 12km of my life.
Since the details are covered by Tekko, I should covered the unmentioned...(OK...I know that is laziness in blogging...) The original plan is to the followings:

The plan is to the blue loop first as warm-up..then the red to dairy farm park and the orange back to the summit...

But in the end, we only did about 50% of the planned route....

part 1, we did the planned route for warm-up

 Then after the warmup...we decided to cut short because we took 1hr to complete only we went

and we took 1hrs 30min to cover just 7km..... So the detail of the run are covered at Tekko's Blog

My Quads are aching today and have problem walking up and down the stairs...........

We should go again to conquer the rest of the 50% of the planned route....and we did not get to the summit also.......8-(

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Tekko said...

When the next run?


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