Wednesday, July 22, 2009

doing the longest swim again...............

After 21 days....i went to do my longest swim of 40 laps again.....for the past 20 days..can see huge improvement in my stamina, endurance and also a little bit of my pace....

I was actually quite tired after a long day work but once I started....cannot stop!

10 laps (0.5km) - 11:24

10 laps (0.5km) - 11:43

10 laps (0.5km) - 11:41

10 laps (0.5km) - 11:43


Camparing with the last 40 a huge improvement of >3min...went out comfortably fast for first 10laps and started to felt the effect on my second 10laps...but I drilled my internal energy and managed to maintain the same pace the rest of the 30 laps.....46:31min.....can be improved

My 2nd longest swim of my life

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