Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Longest ever swim in my life

I am a weak front crawl is slower than people's breast breast stroke is much faster than my front crawl

Started regular weekly swim in mid-April...I have been swimming at least once a week and at least once a week of 30 the same time, I tried to improve my technique for front crawl...look like there is some results:

After taking a 2 day exercise break.....I went for a swim after work....wanted to try and do 10 more than my usual and I did it!

10 laps (0.5km) - 12:18

10 laps (0.5km) - 12:32

10 laps (0.5km) - 12:28

10 laps (0.5km) - 12:21


Surprisingly, my slower 10 lap is my second 10s, my last 10 laps is just 3 sec slower than my 1st 10s......I did a negative split for 2nd half is only 1sec faster than my first speed is very consistent actually......I think I can go for 10 laps more...maybe 3 moer months, I will try that..

My longest swim in my life using front crawl

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