Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Run: Discovering the power of hamstring!

After getting out of the underground MRT station, which used to be called the white elephant, saw the weather perfect for an evening run.....walk fast fast home, changed up and head out of the door..

I have not been doing runs longer than 1km continuously for months......and i decided a half an hour continuous run will be good for tonite......i have been down for 2 weeks of no activity so i dunnoe how my body going to take the 30min

at first, I decided to do a out and back route which is 2.9km one way....this route is flat and should be sufficient for my target i carry on headnig towards jalan kayu

After about 5min of run, my calves started to feel sore and tight...jialat, must be havent recover from monday's intervals....if i carry on like that, cramps will definitely set i wanted to start slow, so the tendency is to use my lower leg muscles especially the calves to propel my body forward

then i decided to try to use the POSE/Chi method which emphasize on hamstring pull...hamstring is a big muscle which is normally under-ultilised by long distance runners.....

becos my calves are sore, i was able to isolate the control of my hamstring....just ignore the sore and just pull my feet from the ground.....i felt much better....

at the designated U-turn point, i decided not to U-turn back but carry on running along YCK road and turned towards buangkok green and back...this route has great slopes along the way

my body and legs has warmed up....the hamstring pull is legs are not feeling tired and running was smoother than before.....the calves soreness also went away after a while.....

these few nose always give me problem, i always has phelgm in my throat not able to clear.....during this run...everything was cleared easily....breathing is good again....

I managed to finished the run in 37min without stopping in one piece.....The feeling of a good run is back again!!

More importantly, I finally able to feel the true Power of my hamstring!!!

1 comment:

Jodan said...

T@z, think I am having the same problem as u now.
Phelgm in throat and nose very often. Just can't get rid of it.
Wonder why............


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