Monday, June 29, 2015

Salomon MR25 X-Country Marathon 2015

I have took part in 3 uMR25 Ultramarathons and this is the first time I taking part in this annual event.

The route is originally clockwise but 2-3 weeks before the race, it was changed to anti-clockwise:

Sgrunners just had its 10th Year Birthday so I decided to wear the 1st limited edition of Sgrunners Tee for this race;

Thanks to Hong Chew for the nice photo below

Finisher Tee & medal

Result is out
Lap 1: 1:10:21
Lap 2: 1:12:47
Lap 3: 1:18:23
Lap 4: 1:22:14
Total : 5:04:25
Men's Open Position : 33
Men Position : 41
Overall Position : 48

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