Sunday, January 04, 2015

MR25 Ultramarathon 2014 in Vibram Fivefingers Spyridon LS

This is the 3rd time i took part in this event. The previous 2 records are below;
1) My longest run in my life: MR25 12hrs ultramarathon
2) Completed 81.6km trail for MR25 Ultramarathon 2010 in Vibram FiveFingers Treksports

I decided to sign up this year to use this as a fitness test, clocking more milage and also testing my new food to be used for the 100km in March.

Although I prepared the above food, I decided to keep my chia seeds, recovery powder and shaker bottle at home as I guess I will not have time and energy to make anything.

I paid early bird registration fee of $65. Collected the race pack a week before.

Took a morning cab in the morning and reached early to clear my bowel and got prepared to run. I went with the usual strategy of walking upslope and running downslopes and flats right from loop 1.

Loop 1: crowded with runners and legs felt fresh and running fast
Loop 2: The sun started to come out. Less crowded as the runners spread out.
Loop 3: Started to feel the heat and dehydration sign came. Urine started to turn yellow, end of this loop is almost red.
Loop 4: Slowed down significantly as the bladder started to feel funny and urine has turned red. Tried drink lots of water but not helping. Decided to stop at the end of this loop to take a probar fuel and a can of coconut juice. Surprisingly, coconut juice helped to cleared the urine and good to go again.
Loop 5: Legs felt great after a longer rest and cleared urine and managed to pickup some speed.
Loop 6: Managed to maintain almost the same time to complete as last loop. Legs are still feeling good to continue. Overtook quite a few runners completing their 5th loop.
Loop 7: Saw a fellow runner who is still stronger than me but wanted to stop after this loop. I told him to continue. Started to slow down but still managed to push on with the same loop time as previous loop. finished this loop with more than 2hrs to spare for one more loop
Loop 8: I decided to keep cool and take more walking breaks. Legs started to feel heavy but still able to run on the down slope. Took a slightly longer time to finished but more than enough buffer to the 12hrs limit.

Individual Lap time including rest before the lap start. Lap 5 is longer because of longer rest after Lap 4 to clear my red urine:

I was lucky enough that there are not so many fast and strong runner taking part and I managed to be ranked 7th position.

The prize is simple this time: Medal, Mizuno velvet pouch, Mizuno Shoes Bag and a box of 350mlx24 bottles of Pocari Sweat.

Will I joined again? Maybe if I can find a reason to do so......

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