Monday, November 04, 2013

Special Edition Vibram FiveFingers Classic: The Australian Flag

The best hoot from my recent trip to melbourne is to discover and purchased the special edition of Vibram FiveFingers classic, the Australian flag. I was exploring the street of outdoors and sports shops when I came across this shop called Pinnacle Outdoor along Little Bourke Street between Queen Street and Elizabeth Street. I went in after seeing Vibram FiveFingers displaying outside and was surprised to see this model and is on offers of AUD$99. I asked the boss and found that my size is available and I grab one without thinking.

The Special Edition Vibram FiveFingers Classic is only available in 5 national flags naming USA, Italy, Denmark, Australia and UK. This is actually called the Olympic Classics.

Since Classic is already discountinued, this makes this pair more valuable than ever. I wonder if I will wear this next

The box:

Comparing the box with the normal VFF Classic:

The side of the box stating more details:

The Classic itself:

Comparing with the normal Classic:

One major differences between the Special Edition and normal is the heel counter. The normal Classic will have its Rubber goes all the way up and also the side support but not the Special Edition. This might be due to feedback that the rubber that goes all the way up did caused abrasion to the Archilles Tendon:

With the Koala Bears:

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