Saturday, November 23, 2013

Coffee Fix in Melbourne: Proud Mary

Proud Mary is quite a established coffee house in Melbourne. It is located just off the outlet street of Smith Street. Just google it and you will have many good reviews and comments on their coffee. There is no signage of "Proud Mary" board telling you that you are at the right place so you got to recognise the logo and go inside the cafe to confirm.

The building that it is located in looks like a power station:

At the corner of the building with their logo at the entrance:

The interior...all the barista are all ladies:

The roasted their own coffee beans and sell:

This is a long black from El Salvador, very nice and strong it:

The latte on the left is brasilian beans:

The coffee menu. Brought the beans for item 1 on the list from Kenya:

A must visit for coffee drinker to experience the coffee culture in Melbourne. It closes at 4pm so be there early.

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