Sunday, May 05, 2013

Eat in Hong Kong: Kirin Heen 麒麟軒

 佐敦彌敦道233-239號佐敦薈2樓 佐敦薈 +852 3421 1988

Another typical Hong Kong resturant serving traditional Cantonese cuisine in Kowloon, Jordan. We happened to bump into this early in the morning looking for dim sum and we are the 2nd table of customer. The interior is cosy and bright.Not sure if because we are too early and the waitresses are still not awake, we are not getting good service although they keep coming to us and ask us how is the food.

We only ordered Dim Sum and I would say they are just average. Probably the most as good as what we normally find in Singapore...Will not recommend for Dim Sum..better leave your stomach for other better Dim Sum places.

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