Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Completed 81.6km trail for MR25 Ultramarathon 2010 in Vibram FiveFingers Treksports

5 Christmas ago...I did "My longest run in my life: MR25 12hrs ultramarathon"..I made a promise to myself..the next time I come back for this event, I will complete 8 laps....This year Boxing day...I extended my longest run by about 10km and fulfiled my promise made 5 years ago..

This year...50% of the route has changed due to some approval issue to use some part of the original a result, instead of a looping route round the reservoir, it has changed to a out and back route...Which is much tougher because
  • 5 years ago, it was 70% trail and 30% road/pavement but now is 90% trail and 10% road/pavement
  • 5 years ago, it was 65% slopes and 35% flat but now is 90% slopes and 10% flat
However, weather was more kind enough to be sunny in before lunch and short heavy shower in the afternoon whereas 5 years ago, first 2-3hrs was super heavy rain pour and it was super hot after lunch. I used 2 pairs of shoes 5 years ago but this year..I only use a pair of Vibram fivefingers KSO Treksports

lap1: super crowded after a start for 253 runners on  a single path trail...I just try to maintain my riddle of walking upslopes but run on downslopes & flats.
lap2: runners beginning to spread out..i was able to run without much bloackage and clocked my faster lap time of 1hr 08min
lap3: even less runners int he trail as can see about half stopped to take a longer break fromt he punishing terrain...I am still able to walk upslopes properly and run at substainable pace
lap4: when i started this lap, the lead runner just completed his lap 4...he is flying...less runners...overtook some
lap5: finished my first can of ensure meal replacement...started with tiring upslope walk but running still ok..seems like running is ok but walking is not ok...this is not normal....after 3-4km, legs felt good..seems that ensure works.Feels like runners' high is on me....
lap6: started to pour....I jsut went whacking the muddy pool unlike most runners trying to keep their shoes out of water...i stouted I am splashing to runners in front so that I dun get them dirty...walking get more difficult but still running easy on downslopes and flats
lap7: slowed down on walking significantly as legs get heavy climbing....but surprisingly, I am still able to run fast downslopes and flat which amazed some runners who saw me in there....ground still with paddle of water..not much runners in the trail now...
lap8: struggled to walk upslopes but continue to fly downslopes & flat which I also amazed by myself...finished still with energy left which i decided to stop as I cannot finished one more lap within the 1hrs 15min more to 7pm...not much supporters we wait till 7pm to catch those front runners coming back strongly on their 9laps...

At the U-turn point after a stretch of foot massage on very rocky downslope
Coming in after 1st lap
With my finishing time after 8laps
Special cloth based finishing cert

This gentleman is my idol for the race because he ran  his working shirt with a hydration bag and came in 91.8km in 11hrs 26min...and got 3rd position!!

Race Summary:
Overall Position: 15
Mens Position: 12
Total Time: 10hrs 41min 31sec
Food taken: 4x Bananas, 1x Shotz energy gel, 1x accel energy gel, 2x ensure
Footwear: Vibram FiveFingers KSO Treksports

official results 


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