Friday, June 25, 2010

The birth of

5 years ago....a community was found from an innocent idea and trial
5years later.....the simple idea has exploded into a large and active community in the Singapore Running Scene.
Anyone who runs and use the internet will know of the website and I believe most of you who are reading this entry...but how many of you actually know about the birth of this website, forum or community?

Here is the birth the "mother", The Lonely Runner

The innocent idea (full story at "Singapore Runners' Blog" ):
I was wandering, it will be great that Singapore running bloggers set up a community called Singapore Runner’s Blog or something like that. And we have a logo to identify our presence in this internet world. Not only for identification of Singapore running blogger, we can have a mailing list that update each other on running events that happened in Singapore or overseas. And not only updating each other on competitions, we can meet up for a leisure run together during weekends. Since we know that we will definitely run during weekends, it doesn’t matter whether you run alone or not, but it is great to have a company of runners. And not only that, if there’s a running competition overseas, they can go together or met up over there. Isn’t that great? There are no membership fees or stuff like that, it’s all about running and running and running.
The trial that started (full story at "Singapore Runners' Blogger Community" )
Well, this is just a trial. I have made a Singapore Runner’s Blogging Community. This is exclusively for all the running enthusiast in Singapore. Made by the runner, dedicate for the runners.

The story of how SRBC becomes sgrunners at

The very first time photo I took with the pioneers.....this is during the New Balance REAL Run Trial Run at Sentosa

After the New Balance REAL Run Trial Run at Sentosa

The very first event that sgrunners' members have gathered after an event REAL RUN 05

and our second gathering at east coast can be found at

Happy Birthday to

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