Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anchorvale anyhow neighbourhood Run

After laying off for more than 10 weeks due to injury and illness....i decided pick up the "bits and pieces" is much more difficult to re-start from ground ZERO than to train for a marathon...

Anyway, my next IPPT is in first week of march....i should try and get more of my tax money back this time.....

The worst part of the starting phase for running is weekend runs......In normal case, sat or sun morning will be the date for long run.....where I get to choose where to run for one to 2 hrs....and I can travel far and reaching places like east coast park, changi, MacRitchie which makes long runs more interesting and motivating....but now..with no ability to run more than 30min.....choices are limited and morale is low

This morning....i just try to find a route I never run before and do a short run...

A nice 4km route I 25:30min

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