Sunday, July 26, 2015

MSIG ActionAsia 50 Singapore 2015

The inaugural Action Asia 50k event in Singapore.
Another Salomon Sponsored Event.

Action Asia Event finally landed in Singapore and this is this the very first event they organised here. Bringing in Hong Kong Style Event experience (With Singapore weather), supported by Jeri (our Queen of Ultramarathon) and they are able to bring in big sponsors like MSIG and salomon to support his event.
The race site is also the first in Singapore and the race route although going through the same trail as other trail events, give a whole lot of different challenges especially the scorching hot weather.
They also bring in tailwind nutrition from  gonerunning from Hong Kong to provide their nutrition drinks which is refreshing. 

Chaos at the start as the elite from oversea did not turn into the green corridor and went straight to the road...happening in the dark when everyone still sleepy. Organizer miscalculated that the trail is just easy to be missed in early morning by the oversea elites

Plenty of freshly cut bananas and oranges and biscuits at waterpoints. Hong Kong Style of pumping water out of the water barrels.
After the event, there are free flow of lunch boxes (teriyaki chicken rice, vegetarian rice, lasi lemak) and fruits popsicles.

The biggest challenge for this run is the scorching hot weather.

Everyone has a great time torturing themselves.

Photos as follows:

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