Friday, June 20, 2014

Redmi Wide angle/Macro lens Review

I was lucky to won a small Xiaomi panoramic photo contest and got myself a wide angle/macro lens for my Xiaomi Redmi.

The package came:

Standard Xiaomi packaging:

The description at the bottom of the box:

Unboxing layer one:

Took everything out and you see there is a small pouch, a rubber protective case and spare adaptors and double sided tapes:

The lens itself consist of the small len for macro and the big+small to become a wide angled len:

Stick the adaptor to the Redmi Camera using the double sided tape:

Screw the lens onto the adaptor and its done:

unscrew the big lens from the small one to use as a macro lens. I am able to take these close up macro using the macro lens and this is not possible without the lens:

 This photo is taken without the wide angled lens:

This is taken with the wide angled lens and you can see that now more scenery can be captured with it:

I have yet to try out the macro and wide angled lens more but will try out soon when I got more time.

Below are some of the shots taken using Xiaomi Redmi (without any extra lens)

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