Wednesday, August 07, 2013

New Rubber in the house: Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail

Making use of the $50 voucher from Project Love Sneaker III, I decide to get a new pair of trail shoes to replace my full of holes New Balance Minimus MT00 for walking. I am not throwing NB Minimus MT00 away yet...just to get a new pair as a backup as I do not foresee my Minimus MT00 to last beyond this year.

I was deciding between this pair (Last year color was different) and Minimus MT00 and I chose Minimus MT00 with regrets.

Reached home with Running Lab Carrier:

The Box itself:

I was a US12 but the cutting for this shoes called for a US11.5 with longer toebox. One size smaller and it will be too tight for my feet:

Vegan Shoes:

Vivobarefoot Slogan:

Open up:

With descriptions:

The pair itself. Nice bright lime color. Look like can glow in the dark:

Aggressive outsole:

The insert is thin:

The lacing:

The front toebox:

"No Tongue"...what you called mono-tongue in the past, fit like socks:

The heel:

Description on the outsole:

agressive "claws" from the front to the back:

zoom in on the "claws". Hope it don't trap too many mud and dirt:

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