Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do in Hong Kong: The Peak Tram

The Peak Tram is a must visit for first time visitor to Hong Kong. The iconic transportation brings you from the foot of Victoria Peak to the The Peak Gallery to view Hong Kong from another view.

To get to The lower tram station at Garden Road, take MTR to Central and follow the direction below(From

You will see signage and direction showing the way to the tram station:

The open top double deck bus the peak tram tour bus from tourist:

When you see this, you are there...the ticketing is round the corner on the left:

And you will be greeted by the richest man in Hong Kong:

The ticket to the Tram:

The old Tram:

Long queue...Tram came in interval of about 5min and is pretty bearable to queue:

Waiting for the Next Tram:

And it arrived:
The Interior:

WWF visitor centre....

Enjoy the view as we ascend:

The best time to go up the peak is at mid afternoon if you want to visit other attraction up there and get to the viewing point before sunset and admire the sun goes down the the city changes colour when the lights are on. Wait longer till 8pm you might be able to catch the laser show from Symphony of Light.

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