Wednesday, January 02, 2013

KL Muah Chee Queen

I happened to bump into this little store in Chinatown, KL. From the newspaper cutting, she was the Muah Chee Queen which a unique skill of making Muah Chee.

Interestingly, She invented favours to her Muah Chee and we saw 6 favours of it and we can even mix all the favours in one box.

Here you see 6 different blocks of Muah Chee for different favours.

Here we have the Muah Chee of Black Sesame favours. Something different from what we normally have, she does not add sugar to the peanut and the Muah Chee is very Q and Smooth but does not stick to the teeth.

Try it next time when you are there along Petailing Street

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