Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vibram FiveFingers Repair using Shoe Goo - Further Enhancement

I was poking around my shoe cabinet when I came across my 4 yr old Nike Air Zoom Elite+ 4.
I did not run much with this shoes because this is a stability shoes whereas I was supposed to need a cushioned shoes. So this became my anything but running shoes.

This is when it is good....I forgot to take a photo of the terrible state before i dump it:

The shoes looks ok from the top but the outsole is terrible, the outsole rubber was "peeled off" from the midsole....common problem of the Nike Shoes whether the glue will dry up if you do not use it for a long time. I seriously never have this issue with other brands before.

So I happily teared off all the outsole rubber before I discard the shoes to the rubbish bin. Then an idea struck me! My last enhancement to my Vibram FiveFingers Classic Brown/Walnut does not seems to be able to last as Shoe Goo is just Rubber and can wear off easily and I will have to keep spreading new layers to keep the thickness intact.......

So......I took the 2 pieces of outsole from the Nikes:

An decided to do something about it......
Curing in process:

An I got "Nike" on my 2 pinky toes!

Let see if this pair can last till 1500km......

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