Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Rubber: New Balance MT00 Minimus Trail

I subscribed to the RUN SINGAPORE MAGAZINE last month and part of the goodies bag i received is a $50 Running Labs Running Shoes Voucher....I have been eyeing this pair right after it is out on the shelf. Previously, I did brought the first version of the New Balance Minimus that I tried on the first day it arrived in Running Labs. However, it did caused pain in my Achilles tendon which you will see below why........

In the Running Lab bag:

The box:

It runs big so got to got to get one size smaller than my usual:


Important Instruction:

The actual Shoes itself. The outsole has Vibram rubber on stragetically location instead of the whole piece to reduce weight:

Front View. The upper mesh is very thin and light thin that the darken part can see thru your toes:

Side View:

The heels...low heels..Not for user who really going to use this for trail as there is very minimal ankle support unless you have been running barefoot with strong ankles:

The bottom, The outsole Vibram Rubber is often the heavier part of the shoes because it need to be more dense for durability so you can see it that the weight is reduced by almost half:

Comparing to the first version of NB Minimus which is much heavier:

The front view:

Comparing the side profile. The New MT00 has a lower profile and the heel counter is shorter. Not obvious here is that the first version of the Minimus curled in too much on the heel collar putting pressure on the Achilles Tendon:

The heel collar for the first version Minimus. You can see that is not flat and there is double layer on the edges which is quite hard as well and added presssure to the Achilles  Tendon.
The seams cut the skin as well.

The new MT00 featuring seamless heel collar. Eliminated the major issue of the first version:

I also got this special New Balance Shoe Laces from the Run Singapore Magazine goodies bag:

So I decided to replace the original laces:

Now it looks more Funky!!

Waiting for Running Labs Project Love Sneakers to donate my first version of the NB Minimus away. Or anyone interested in taken over? Lower mileage..never run with it..only walking and climb HuangShan...hahaha..going for $20

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