Sunday, January 04, 2009

Chinese New Year Light up Celebration at Chinatown 2009 (牛车水春节亮灯庆祝活动)

Chinese New Year Celebration activites usually starts at Chinatown about a month from the actual day with the lightup Ceremony....this is the first year I actually went down on the very 1st day (3rd Jan) to immerse with the crowds and atmosphere...

There are dance and song performances, the dancing lions (瑞狮)and dragons(祥龙)

The usual streets are closed for traffic for the chinese new year goodies stalls, which starts on this very day:

No forgetting the fireworks(烟花) and the firecrackers(鞭炮) to boost the atmosphere:

At the end of the celebration, the 200 lions(瑞狮) and 9 dragons(祥龙) parading the streets under the beautiful street lightings along Eu Tong Seng Road:

There are also Chinese New Year Countdown on the 25 Jan and activities on the 15th day of CNY on 7th Feb at Chinatown...

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