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New Toy for new year: Orange Mud Hydraquiver Double Barrels

I was finding a replacement for my old waist water bottle belt when I came across this company called orange mud. This small startup using crowd funding in US has a new concept of water bottle holder callled the hydraquiver with a holster for holding water bottle high on the back. Then they just released a new double barrels design which holds 2 water bottles. This struck my mind that this is something I wanted as a replacement. Refer to user reviews for hydraquivers in my previous posting.

Running in tropical Singapore where temperature ranges from 24-34 degree with humidity as high as 90% and more for the whole year requires very good hydration for any outdoor activities especially for running long distances. Runs are often planned with stops at convenient stores of gas stations to purchase isotonic or top up water. Double barrels fit my need to carry sufficient water for routes that water stop are hard to come by especially in the trails.

I ordered during Christmas Eve where is holiday season in US so by the time the orange mud guys back to their office to ship is already New Year Eve. But It did not get long to fly half the globe across the New Year to reach my door...Just one week it took and I let the following photos tell the story:

The parcel all the way from US:

Nicely packed single,double barrels and hat!

The labels:

Key Features:

The Hydraquiver Double Barrel:

The thick and comfortable foam:

I love these elastic pockets on the shoulders...can stuff lots of gels, energy chews, mobile phones and even compact camera:

The padded sleeves that came with the Double Barrels:

The bottom strap of the holster is held by velco and is adjustable:

Between the holsters is the elastic bands for holding clothes and other stuff:

The quick release buckle for securing:

The zip above the holsters opens up to the internal storage between the bottles and the user's back. There is a smaller pocket inside for smaller stuff:

Ready for my first Run with it:

This pack ride high on the back and it does get a couple of runs to get the needed muscles to get use to it. It also takes some time to find the sweet spot for adjustment to get comfortable with it. It will be tougher for runners who do not carry backpack for running or have a weak core to use the Double Barrels (2 x 24oz  of water can be quite significant weight on the upper back). 

For those who only need one bottle of 24oz, there is a single barrel hydraquiver available and it will be half the weight of water to be carry and easier to get condition to it.

The trick to a good fit is 
One important note for Double Barrels user is that we have to remember drinking from both bottles and not only one to keep the weight distribution balanced.

After getting used to the ride, is time to enjoy the drawing of the water bottles  from the holster and slot it back without missing it. I have ran up to 25km with this. The storage on the shoulders pockets are definitely a plus point for this pack as we can easily access to our energy food, camera or even mobile and other stuff we do not need to access during the run can be stuff at the main compartment behind the bottles.

Is a great innovation and very good product. I spent more than other current users to purchase this because of international shipping but I never regret and enjoying it.

It is amazing how the way to carry water has evolved from holding on the hands to waist belts and also to having water bladders on the back and recent years, having water bottles in front of the race vest by the chest straps.

With hydraquiver Double barrels, if water still not enough, I can still wear a waist belt with 2 holders for 2 water bottles and carry water bottles on both my hands and that will be 6x24oz of water!!!

For those interested, hydraquiver can be purchase from and they do ship across the globe to most countries. Do check out their other useful products in their store as well.

Reviews from other users can be found in from previous posting in the link below:

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